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Events - 2023

  14 April CPPTD Annual General Meeting
  23 April Wicor Open Day
  30 April Amberley Spring Bus Show
  01 May

FoKAB Winchester Running Day

  21 May Southsea Sea Front Service
  10/11 June Southwick D-Day Event
  18 June Southsea Sea Front Service
  25 June Wicor Open Day
  23 July Southsea Sea Front Service
  30 July Worthing Bus Rally
  06 August Stokes Bay Rally
  20 August Southsea Sea Front Service
  03 September Wicor Open Day
  17 September Southsea Sea Front Service

Whilst every effort is undertaken to ensure attendance at the above events, they are all subject to weather, crew and vehicle availability. See our Facebook page for more information.


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